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Beutiful custom centerpieces, colors can be customized as you like, centerpieces comes just ready to set up on your tables, we also have the option to sell separete items, you can only buy the jars, unicorn ears, custom text, or pom pomps.


Size of the jar is about 5.5'' high

Complet set with stickst is about 20'' high





We are able to match any party decor and custom stationary we can make:

-Addresses envelopes


-Centerpieces (jason jar style)

-Napking rings

-Table Numbers

-Tent cards

-Food cards

-Name cards

-Place cards


-Tumblers, mugs

-Custom signs and much much more!

Send us a message for more information and how to order:


Hablo Español


Unicorn Centerpieces, Party decoration, mason jar centerpieces, gold and pink

  • Once you make your order, will be sent within 15 business days from purchasing.


    Set:  Price for jason jars without sticks is $8.00

    Price for Unicorn Floral Ears is $ 4.50 ea

    Price for Pom poms is $ 3.00 ea

    Price for custom glitter sign is $ 4.00 ea

    Price for full center piece with sticks is $19.50 ea

    If you need help to make your order, or if you have  any specification, send us a message to


    Turnaround time to complete your order is around 14 business days from purchasing.

    Shipping time by courier service takes another 3-5 business days.

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